LCF Buying & Merchandising Students Take the Factory Tour

On the 25th, 26th, 27 & 28th April 2022 we had small groups of first year Buying and Merchandising students from the London College of Fashion, part of the University of the Arts London.

Led by Fashion-Enter’s Production Director, Caroline Ash, the groups were kept small to ensure that they could comfortably access all areas of our busy, working apparel factory. Core subjects within the Buying and Merchandising course includes sustainability, trend research, product development, supply chain management and trading. The future of fashion business is also a significant focus. All of which relates perfectly within Fashion-Enter’s fashion factory environment.

Caroline focused on sustainability, ethics, compliance and costings, all essential information that a good buyer / merchandiser needs to know inside out. She guided the groups around the factory floor; cutting tables, stitching and quality control, along with the Fashion Studio and the Fashtech Innovation Centre providing lots of industry information along the way.

Feedback from the students included:

“I learnt about sustainability and ethics, costings and ways to slightly change a garment. The seminar was very well organised, informative and interesting.”

“I found out about factory working times and unethical practices such as subcontracting.”

“I found out how factories like this operate, how fast garments can be produced and the different ways manufacturing can be unsustainable.”

“I learnt all about the design and manufacturing process. The different machines for different uses, the different software. How to work with buyers and suppliers.”

“I gained a general understanding of the difference between mass production and niche production. Such a lovely visit!”

“I learnt a vast amount of information about the manufacturing process.”

“I found out how to increase the price of a garment, costings and the benefits of UK factories. Thank-you.”

“I found out lots of information about factories that I was unaware of before visiting Fashion-Enter.”