#ZeroWaste – How We Keep Waste To A Minimum

It’s #zerowasteweek and as a company, we take the issue of waste very seriously. From the Factory, producing up to 10,000 units a week, to our learning departments – the FTA and Stitching Academy, we try to make sure good practices are implemented to keep waste minimal…

We always:

  • Use efficient and well-thought-out lay plans to ensure the bare minimum of fabric waste.
  • Scraps of fabric used by our Stitching Academy / FTA students to practice and use for their workbooks.
  • Leftover rolls of fabric donated to schools such as Graveney School in Wandsworth and up-cycling labels and designers to incorporate into new designs.
  • Unwanted samples are stored for six months and added to our monthly sample sales, those remaining are then de-labelled and given to charity.
  • Additionally, as a company, we incorporate the acronym TIM WOODS to make the 8 forms of managing waste easy to remember.

T = Transportation

I = Inventory

M = Motion

W = Waiting

O = Overprocessing

O = Overproduction

D = Defects

S = Skills

Fashion Enter students and employees are encouraged to think about each and every form of waste and find ways to reduce and eliminate it at every stage. As a UK based factory the company ethos centres on keeping production on home soil, minimizing unnecessary global shipping and maintaining a skilled production base for future generations.