Your Omnichannel Strategy Masterclass Success With Unzipped Founder Carley Johnson

On 13th May Fashion-Enter delivered a two-hour employer engagement session on How to launch on Ecommerce – Your Omnichannel Strategy with Unzipped founder Carley Johnson as part of the N17 Creative Callings business support initiative.

Carley has an extensive background within the fashion industry and launched her consultancy company Unzipped in 2019. She has worked for DVF, Karen Millen, Philip Lim, Miss Selfridge and New Look and today is a fashion wholesale and brand launch expert.

The session, aimed at growing brands, provided a wealth of knowledge and top tips for navigating the world of ecommerce and selling online.

Carley explained that last year there was a huge focus on selling direct to the consumer. This year however this has evolved and there is much more emphasis on using multiple channels and not relying so much on yourself. It is about building a network – creating an omnichannel presence.

But what does this look like?

Basically, a multi-channel approach to sales, including online via a desktop, a mobile and in a physical shop. This can be your own website, social media and selling across different stores. Interestingly a customer who shops across multiple channels brings in a 30% higher lifetime value, this means 30% more sales.

The goal is to have multiple touch points, marrying the sales with marketing and customer service. ensuring the customer journey is as seamless and relevant as possible

It is important you have the same brand presence across each channel, the same customer service, tone of voice, imagery and experience. If you fail at this first hurdle you will lose your customer because your dna looks suspicious. Once you have gained a customer you don’t want to lose them!

Why is an omnichannel presence important?

Everyone has their own personal choice of where they like to shop, whether it is online via a desktop or a mobile or in a shop. If you build an omnichannel strategy offering each individual customer what they personally want, you have a higher chance of targeting and keeping your customer.

Why is this important?

The most obvious is more channels more sales. If you are generating more sales, you have increased buying power with your manufacturer, offering a higher margin. It sets you ahead of your competitors and gives you greater data collection.

You need to be ready! How to know if your fashion brand is ready to approach 3rd party ecommerce

There are two options in 3rd party selling – wholesale B2B (business to business) and marketplace B2C (business to consumer)

Questions to ask yourself –

Are you established enough?

How many Instagram followers do you have and what press coverage have you secured?

Do you have a defined voice and identity?

Are you a game changer? This is a major buzz word at the moment and wholesalers want more than a brand being sustainable. What else – do you have a story, what is your niche, what value are you giving?

Do you have budget? Cash flow management is so important.

If you consider wholesale – you only make 20% margin, is this small margin worth it?

Create a one-year strategy what are your goals – how much does that cost?

All of the above points was covered in depth by Carley and so much more, including the 10 major platforms you should think about selling on, which countries or territories you should be approaching and how to select which platforms that are right for you – do they resonate with your brand values. Where are your competitors selling – you should be there too!

As a free tool Carley offers the 101 Sales Channels for Fashion Brands – A Priceless Directory via her website here –

Carley is also available for one-to-one mentoring and consultations. If this is something you are ready for please email for further information.

We look forward to the next masterclass with Carley – watch this space!

Feedback included –

“I thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass so thank you!”

“Brilliant session loved it!”

“Thank you it was really great.”