Workers’ Rights & Labour Exploitation SEG Award with Onyx Fashion Employees

Yesterday, 28th February 2022, FC Fashion Technology Academy (Leicester) completed a program to deliver the Level 1 Award in Workers Rights and Labour Exploitation with workers at Onyx Fashion Ltd in Leicester. 

The SEG Awards ABC Level 1 Award in Workers’ Rights and Labour Exploitation has been developed to raise awareness of the basic employment rights provided by UK law. This is part of the Community Renewal Fund (CRF) which is being funded by the UK Government.

This second session at Onyx Fashion’s centred on different employment contracts, with a focus on minimum wage and how pay and salary is worked out. Then it moved onto the subject of exploitation and the various forms this can take. Finally we shared organisations that can provide support regarding workers’ rights and exploitation. 

FCFTA (Leicester) Manager, Jackie said: “Workers’ Rights are so important and it was a pleasure to deliver this at Onyx Fashion. Again the learners at Onyx were really engaged and made the session very interactive.” 

Divya, FCFTA (Leicester) administrator, added: “It was great to share the workers’ rights in detail, some of the learners were relatively new and the information was new to them.” 

Tap here to find out more about the Leicester Community Renewal Fund program for Leicester’s Fashion & Textile industry.