“Wonderful experience, well worth the time!” Cincinnati Students Take the Factory Tour

This week, 15th August, Fashion-Enter Ltd welcomed two individuals all the way from the University of Cincinnati, USA, for the popular factory seminar and tour.

Held at FEL’s HQ in Haringey the pair were able to experience, the factory, the Fashion Studio and the micro-factory complete with Kornit Digital printers and the Zund cutting machine.

Both students were interested to see firsthand designs being developed and brought to life and as the group was so small FEL Director, Caroline Ash was able to accommodate the tour to their requests and answer many questions.

Caroline commented: “We had the University of Cincinnati visit us this week for the factory tour and seminar.

We based it mainly around design but covered other subjects such as sustainability, SMV’s and economies of scale. I am very pleased to say they will be returning next year!”

One commented: “This seminar was very insightful for young designers to know more about the industry they’re working in.”

While the other added: “Wonderful experience, well worth the time!”