Why Join The Gerber Course?

As a second instalment of the ‘Gerber for Beginners’ course starts this week at The Fashion Technology Academy we asked previous students what their background was and why they joined the course:

Gabriela commented:

‘I’ve graduated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in fashion with focus in pattern cutting, at SENAC, in 2005. In 2004 I’ve started an apprenticeship and always worked with patterns and textiles since then. Being back in the UK for three years now, I work as a prop maker. Although making patterns for dolls every now and then, my experience is mainly manual and overseas, so I’m taking this course over here to be able to face new challenges as a pattern cutter in London, as most job adverts ask for the Gerber system knowledge.’

Nataliya explained:

‘I graduated from Fashion with Business Studies at Brighton University in 2015. After that I worked at a small independent label Phoebe English as a pattern cutter/product developer and production manager all in one. After two years at Phoebe’s I had a couple of freelance jobs as a pattern cutter at Min Wu and a production assistant at Christopher Raeburn. I am currently working on permanent basis as a combination of pattern cutter and a manager of a small sampling studio.

Whilst I am pretty confident of my manual pattern cutting skills, I have never had a chance to try my hand at pattern cutting with Gerber, or any other software. I understand that most companies use software of one type or another, so I would like to do this course in order to boost my employability.’


‘I am a professional pattern cutter and seamstress. I work in a sampling studio as head pattern cutter and I also do freelancing on the side. I have 10 years’ experience in the field and I am very passionate. I want to update my computer pattern cutting skills as I studied Lectra system at school but haven’t practised since and I’ve noticed that companies use Gerber rather than Lectra nowadays.’

Finally Eloise:

‘I recently completed a two year course in France: the first year was sewing, garment construction and basics of pattern cutting (drafting made to measure blocks, pattern modifications etc), and the second year was purely pattern cutting.

I really passionate about this, and want to become a pattern cutter. I realise that I am missing the CAD aspect, as I was taught manually, on paper, and although I know how to use the Adobe Creative Suite, I have never used pattern cutting software, hence my registration for the course. I am currently doing a Garment Tech/Pattern Cutting internship at People Tree here in London, and I hope that this course will give me more tools to find my next opportunity when it ends.’
All students successfully completed the three day and course and received a certificate of completion. They all now have access to the computer suite at the Fashion Technology Academy to practice using the software functions.

The course is ideal for those with previous manual pattern cutting experience. If you are looking to upskill and find your next opportunity in the industry this will certainly help!

The three day course takes place across three consecutive Saturday’s at the Fashion Technology Academy in North London. The cost is £700

To enquire about next dates email education@fashion-enter.com