Why Join Gerber For Beginners?

On 7th April the three day Gerber for beginner’s course took place at the Fashion Technology Academy with five learners attending. The course is aimed at those with some level of manual pattern cutting experience and looking to upskill to gain further their careers.

We asked each learner about their backgrounds and why they have chosen to take the course:

Alison – ‘I studied a Fashion design & Marketing course at university in Newcastle. I learnt manual pattern cutting although I am a little rusty now. I moved to London in 2014 and worked for a brand initially doing computer illustrations and now I work in Fashion Ecommerce. I miss the more creative side of the industry and I am trying to make steps to move back in that direction.’

James has worked as a manual pattern cutter and designer for the last 5 years in the commercial/ highstreet side of the fashion industry, working with both Jersey Wear and woven, with companies such as coast, warehouse, boohoo, asos and own brand sold through asos.

‘Ideally I would like to work in high fashion as a pattern cutter, as a future goal. I am looking to learn and elevate my existing pattern cutting skills and translate them into digital pattern cutting as this where the industry is heading, and most jobs require the skillset. I aim to learn to develop basic blocks into designer styles, work and learn how to use the gerber system and establish an understanding of digitising.’

Alenka – Previous courses included Level 2 Pattern Cutting at the FTA, pattern cutting internship and mastering pattern cutting course at LCF. Alenka commented: ‘I’m hoping training in Gerber will increase my chances in getting hired for junior pattern cutting roles/internships.’

Iole – Studied on the FdA Pattern Cutting Course and the Womenswear BA course at LCF where she briefly learnt some Gerber skills, from this completed a three-month internship at Roksanda where she assisted with Digitising their patterns for that season. ‘This was a couple of years ago, hence why I wanted to relearn on this Gerber Course. Currently, I am working as a freelance Pattern Cutter however this is currently not CAD-based.’ 

Nihara Recently completed the L1 Stitching and L2 pattern making at the FTA

‘I’m very much into pattern making rather than design process, so learning Gerber will be an added advantage for me. I have seen a demand for digital pattern makers on most of job sites and I’m looking forward complete this course and with some extra training/internship my goal is to find a job which I like the most’

It was fantastic to have a full class and we look forward to welcoming new students on the next course taking place 7th – 9th June.

Please email education@fashion-enter.com to book your place