Why I Chose An Apprenticeship

We interviewed Level 3 apprentice Amy Walczak on her apprenticeship experience and find out what the future now holds…

Why did you choose do an Apprenticeship rather than go to University?

Since I was young, I knew I always enjoyed the idea of working and I knewfrom the age of 16 that I gained great satisfaction from working as I found the whole experience of being on the job fascinating. An apprenticeship was the best opportunity for me to gain qualifications and gain more practical experience to grow into my career

Why did you decide to go to the Fashion Technology Academy to do an apprenticeship?

There are so many factors as to why I chose to do my apprenticeship at the FTA (Fashion Technology Academy) For example there are facilities provided for apprentices to grow skills and knowledge to use throughout our career’s. As a garment tech, the FTA provides constant exposure to the Factory and the Fabric Studio and this enables me to practice and improve the skills I will need in the industry. CEO Jenny Holloway and FTA have been so supportive with my leaning experience ad have really boosted my confidence, especially when Jenny nominated me for the ‘high achiever’ award from Waltham Forest College.

What skills have you gained from your Apprenticeship?

There is a wide range of skills that I have picked up on through my apprenticeship. My communication skills have improved, especially because as a Garment Tech you have to liaise with clients and manufacturers constantly. Seeing the operations of the Factory and the Fashion Studio has enabled me to learn how to work with clients and manufacturers efficiently. The different units I’ve been taught here have definitely made me industry ready and have given me a good grounding.

What’s next after your Apprenticeship?

I recently got offered a new job as a junior garment technologist in Jersey wear for M&Co. The new role involves me liaising with factories abroad; quality control (garments are made to the best quality), rules and regulations are followed and making sure the best possible products are in store.

Any last words?

I’ve had an amazing opportunity being here, without doing this apprenticeship I wouldn’t have been able to gain my qualification as well as the skills I have gained here to start off my career at M&Co. I am extremely grateful.

Huge congratulations to Amy who now has a successful career as a garment technologist ahead of her

If you are interested in joining the programme email your CV to apprenticeships@fashion-enter.com