Why FTA Training Excels

At Fashion-Enter Ltd’s (FEL) Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) the team work hard to ensure that they constantly put the leaner and their needs first.

Over the last three months there have been various audits from HALs, CCCG, SEG and the Matrix, and in all cases FEL have achieved excellent results. 

One of the constant highlights of the training has been the additional work FTA undertakes in ensuring that the learner is work ready and fit for industry as they finish their course or apprenticeship.

Here are just two examples of the work that is undertaken:

  • Self Assessment, Skills, Aptitudes, Strengths and Interests
  • State of the Fashion Industry

Jenny Holloway commented:

I am immensely proud of the FTA and all that they have achieved. We have now expanded into Leicester, Islington and we have had our first successful trial in Wales too, with Newtown college. 

“In The Guardian (6th August 2022) it was commented on how Manufacturing in the UK is “coming home” – ‘Manufacturing’s coming home: UK fashion boss champions ‘reshoring’’

We are therefore in an ideal opportunity to capture this growth with our FTA Academies regionally based to really make UK Manufacturing a growth sector.”