Who Took the Factory Tour and Seminar This Week? From AllSaints to International Students

Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash talks about the visiting brands and students she welcomed to the factory for a seminar and tour this week, commencing 31st July 2023: 

“We had the Garment Tech team in from AllSaints for our Factory CPPD seminar.

We did an in-depth and detailed dive into understanding how a garment is costed, how to reduce or increase work content to make the garment more commercial or more higher-end, the considerations when setting a line up, the difference between making and sample and production, and the process from sealed garment to production, QC and final delivery. 

“We also looked at how this can vary dependant on quantity and from different factories depending on machinery size and set up etc, and what a supplier needs from a brand to be most competitively priced. We looked at the behind-the-scenes problem solving that that would normally never be known about during production.

It was a really good seminar as it was so interactive with loads of questions being asked which then led us on to other areas.

We also had 2 more returning International student tour companies come in.

They were mainly business students so we went in-depth into lean manufacturing, economies of scale, how to survive the current, very challenging and critical business environment, new technology and the Metaverse. They were both very enthusiastic with a myriad of questions and comments throughout the seminars.”

Feedback comments included:

“I learnt about speed to market and different things about the garment manufacturing business. I loved it!”

“You have a beautiful factory.”

“I learnt so much that I didn’t know before.”

“I found out about the different stages of production.”

“I learned that sustainability is very important for business.”

“I found out a lot of things about manufacturing, how it works and how costings are worked out.”