Westminster Uni Students Take The ‘Factory Uncovered’ Tour

On the 23rd October 2019, two groups from Westminster University came to visit our factory in North London for the 2-hour ‘Factory Uncovered’ tour.

Production Director Caroline Ash gave an insightful talk on the garment lifecycle, costings, the critical path and the importance of establishing a rapport between buyers and manufacturers.

The students were then taken on a guided tour of our factory where they we able to see for themselves the garments being produced from pattern to finished product and had an in-depth discussion at each stage to ensure they had a clear understanding of what British manufacturing entails.

Feedback from the Westminster University students included:

“I have learnt all about an efficient working environment, safety procedures, safety tools, skilled and focused workers. I would like to re-visit and if I got the chance I would like to work here.” – Shilpa

“This was a very interesting and meaningful seminar. The speaker introduced very detailed information on making a garment and responded to all of our questions. She was very nice.” – Zeng

“Today I have learnt about the strength of ‘Made in the UK’, ethical production, employee wellbeing, and being a proactive manufacturer as a partner. The factory is compact and it is good to see the whole process. Thank-you.” – Wookyung

“This visit linked in well with our supply chain courses and made it easier to understand the lecture at University.” – Harley

“This factory is much better than the factories I have visited and worked at before. It was a great experience to visit a fabulous factory.” – Stu

“This was a great factory trip. I learnt a lot of practical knowledge.” – Bei Bei