Welsh Tutorials with Level 2 Apprentices – Top Marks

FEL opened the Welsh Factory in August 2020 in Newtown, Powys, mid-Wales following the sad demise of the Laura Ashley manufacturing plant (Texplan). The Newtown Factory ensured that these highly experienced machinists could continue to utilise their skills.

Over the course of that summer FEL renovated the basement of an equally iconic name – the Pryce Jones Royal Warehouse building. Working along side the landlord The Potter Group FEL managed to transform the basement in just three months and opened a state of the art factory for 66 staff.

Rolling on three years FEL has now expanded into education with Newtown College and is contractor fro apprenticeships and adult skills provision for Level 1 and 2 stitching.

FEL employed  two apprentices Emily and Iona who are absolutely flying through their apprenticeships and as an Ofsted ‘Good’ rated apprenticeship provider the Fashion Technology Academy team ensure that classes are all on track by holding regular tutorials.

Within a four month period apprentices have managed to successfully cover:

  • M/650/3054 Materials used in Manufacture of Sewn Products
  • Y/650/3057 Understanding Health and Safety and Associated Employer Rights and Responsibilities
  • T/650/3056 Developing working relationships

The next units are:

  • J/650/2972 Recognise and Maintain Quality Standards
  • K/650/297 Sewn Products Manufacturing Techniques
  • L/650/2974 Sewn Products Manufacturing Techniques
  • R/650/3055 Introduction and History

As CEO Jenny explained: “Learning is unique to every single learner that we embrace. We want our apprentices to be fully trained and ready for industry; setting realistic working standards and times is vital for success. Judith who is our supervisor at Wales has managed to pass on so much valuable knowledge with technical skills and now we are ensuring that the rest of the programme is fully integrated into the apprenticeship in a fun and meaningful way.” 

This is very much a team effort and sincere thanks goes to all involved.