Webinar: UKFT Talking Future Fashion Production

On 16th November, Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO, Jenny Holloway joined guest speakers from Lectra and the Pattern Project to discuss how technology can support made-to-order production methods. This webinar was Part 1 of the UKFT Association’s ‘Disrupting Manufacturing’ series.

Jenny commented: “This was a thought provoking seminar and as we were going through I did think how confusing this all must be for established retailers and smaller brands. We are discussing the future of fashion and for decades we have been buying via season’s – S/S, then A/W, we then have transitioned with holiday and Christmas and additional drops of newness throughout.

Fashion-Enter Ltd have never been afraid to break new boundaries and look at new hardware and software advancements, and I believe we have gone out on a limb and created a new FashTech Centre that’s there to really show what can be done, but are we taking those retailers with us? No we are aren’t! We need to, and I am sure they are looking in and thinking this is more money, more disruption and more uncertainty that we don’t need now because we have to concentrate on lowering costs and increasing margin. 

“The state of our fashion industry is currently shocking. No one has ‘open to buy’. Every big brand I know is risk adverse. I think it’s time to have a new approach that encourages the change makers in brands to come and visit Centres like ours and have an honest conversation about what can be done and how. Perhaps we need time to give free use of software to encourage the brands to change? In the long term it will be better for the industry and the environment.” 

‘Can made-to-order production be viable for UK manufacturers?’ seminar was free for UKFT members, or £20. Part 2 of the ‘Disrupting Manufacturing’ series will be announced in due course.