Up to Date with Protect UK

On Wednesday 15th February 2023, Fashion-Enter Ltd HR + Compliance Officer TJ Hussein attended a Protect UK Workshop.

During the Workshop Protect UK asked four questions:

Q1. Had you heard of ProtectUK before this session? 81% answered yes

Q2. After this session, do you intend to encourage registration on the ProtectUK site? 30% said yes for all staff and 65% said yes for some staff

Q3. After this session, do you intend to deploy or download the ProtectUK App? 32% said for all staff and 64% said yes for some staff

Q4. After this session, do you intend to promote the ACT E-Learning within your organisation? 45% said they would make it mandatory and 54% said they would but make it optional.

These results are extremely positive and TJ could see the benefit of engaging with the products offered. TJ commented: “This digital talk was aimed towards a range of UK based companies and was a demonstration of how to use their online portal and their mobile friendly application. The system includes a wide variety of helpful resources and additional training modules which can be branched out to multiple users within any organisation. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the content included and found the demonstration to be both informative and useful.

I have since registered to the Protect UK website – https://www.protectuk.police.uk/”   

Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd added: “As CEO of FEL we must ensure the safeguarding of our staff and learners. This is why we are so supportive of Protect UK and its aims and objectives. We can now access a range of information and evidence on how to protect our business, staff and learners. TJ, our Compliance Manager, has joined the Protect UK App, and we are updating all of our risk assessments accordingly. In these uncertain times FEL will do everything and more, to ensure our Prevent, Channel and Safeguarding measures are fully robust in all respects.”