UK – NG Circular Economy Knowledge Exchange Mission

On Monday, 5th February, Fashion-Enter Ltd and the FTA welcomed a group of delegates from the UK-NG Circular Economy Knowledge Exchange Mission. The group, all the way from Nigeria, are in the UK to learn about technical skills and innovation essential for a circular economy within the fashion and textile sector.

The group were highly impressed with how FEL has adopted all of the core pillars of the Circular Fashion Global Innovation Network under one roof, and are keen to transfer FEL’s innovations and expertise to production units in Nigeria.

Chidubem Ejezie said: “The key highlight of the day for me was seeing how Fashion-Enter Ltd has summed up all of the pillars of the CF-GIN in their processes. The work they do with digital printing and Styleverse is so mind blowing and I can already see how we can adopt this innovation in our local productions in Nigeria.” 

FEL founder and CEO Jenny Holloway added: “We have long wanted to take the FTA ethics into Africa. We know how respected stitching and fashion skills are there and we can bring our expertise to provide quality British standards. 

In the past we have found partners that were unfortunately took our concepts and processes but engagement wasn’t implemented. Now this feels right!  It’s time for international expansion.”