Two Groups from the USA Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

Commencing the week 8th January 2024, the Fashion-Enter Ltd team welcomed two international groups all the way from the USA for the popular Factory Uncovered Seminar and Tour. Both groups were interested to see how the fashion manufacturing business flowed along with industry ethics and compliance, they were also amazed with the micro factory and Style3D Center and how the industry is adapting to technological advancement.

Guided by FEL Director Caroline Ash she commented:

“We had a fabulous start to 2024 with two international groups. 

“The first were a group from the University of Rhode Island. They had not been to a factory before and were intrigued by the tour. They were studying Buying and Merchandising and had loads of questions for me and loved seeing the new technology, such as Style3D, Kornit and Zund. 

“The second group was another American group studying mixed subjects from the University of Buffalo. We got great feedback and they loved seeing everything firsthand.” 

Feedback included…

University of Rhode Island:

“Super informative and exciting technology happening that I have never seen in real life.”

“Found out about how to be more sustainable and the different ways this factory works compared to others.”

“I appreciated the amount of information the speaker gave when asked a question.”

“I really enjoyed how informative the presentation was and how it all tied into what we were shown in the warehouse and company.”

“I never knew a program like Style3D existed and I’m excited to learn more about it.”

“I learnt many things, but I loved learning about the process of using Style3D and the micro factory.”

University of Buffalo feedback:

“The speaker and the tour was amazing! Cheers!”

“I enjoyed the tour and seeing the organisation in action. The presenter has so much knowledge on the topic of fashion.”

“I found out about companies working with this factory and how much time it takes to make specific pieces of clothing. The tour was very nice and engaging.”

“I learnt that fashion produces a lot of waste and how much thought and effort goes in to being sustainable. Very engaging and interesting.”

“I learned a lot about sustainable practices in fashion and how economics affect the industry. I found it interesting how companies must balance ethics, wages and speed of results.”

“Everything was very clear.”

“Fashion and AI – WOW! So interesting.”