Two Groups From ASOS Take the Factory Tour CPPD

On the 17th and 23rd February Fashion-Enter welcomed two groups of employees from the successful online retailer Both groups undertook a bespoke CPPD to gain further fashion and manufacturing knowledge and insight within a live factory environment.

As we run a totally ethical and sustainable factory in north London that is both SMETA and Fast Forward approved these short CPPD courses aim to educate those in industry, such as buyers, merchandisers and garment technologists, on how to spot if a factory is ethical along with clear advice and information at every stage of production.

Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Production Director, Caroline Ash, led both groups around the London factory,  passing on key information at every stage from design through to finished product, checked, packed and ready to leave the factory floor.

Feedback from both groups was excellent with many saying how informative and relevant the session was to their own jobs and that they would recommend the course.

Comments included:

“This was a very thorough run through of start to end process and really goof to see in person so I can have more context when negotiating cost prices.”

“Caroline’s energy was fab, super engaging, clear, concise and would highly recommend to colleagues.”

“Really enjoyable and incredibly knowledgable. Interesting to hear from a suppliers point of view.”

“I thought it was super clear and informative. It went at a good pace and covered all basis. The speaker and everyone we met were super friendly. Would recommend.”

“Very well explained, plenty of information. I have definitely gained a lot of knowledge.”

“I learnt how a factory operates efficiently, how to help reduce the cost of a garment and the time it takes to manufacture.”

“This was an extremely useful and valuable experience and would benefit Assistant Buyers across ASOS.”

“I learnt a lot that I wish I had known earlier – so relevant! True cost of sampling, impact of buying decisions on the factory / cost / lead time. I can now appreciate the suppliers position even more and now I am more informed to discuss. This should be rolled out earlier at entry / established level of Assistant Buyers! Thanks.”