Two Groups From ASOS Take a Deep Dive into Fashion Production

This week, 20th & 21st September 2022, Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Production Director, Caroline Ash, welcomed two groups from the leading etailer ASOS for a factory tour and seminar. Both groups mainly consisted of Assistant Admin Buyers so Caroline geared the information and tour to cover key topics relevant to their jobs. This included essential information that the supplier needs to enable orders to go through as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Many from both groups had never visited a live factory before so this on-site insight was incredibly valuable, they also scored the experience highly with a high proportion giving it 10 out of 10 on their post-seminar feedback forms.

Caroline commented:

“We had great factory seminars with two groups from ASOS, none of the group had visited a factory before so they were very excited to see a live factory in action!”

Feedback from the attendees included:

“I learnt about different methods of stitching, how each one impacts time/cost. The process from initial drawing to end product. Very informative!! Would recommend.”

“I loved the factory tour and seeing the product at all its stages and breaking it down. Looked at cost and fitting issues and how we can help improve that process.”

“The session has been very informative and given more knowledge into factory processes and how a buyer’s work effects suppliers and what I can do to improve that speed to market.”

“It was great to hear as someone from branded buying, as I normally don’t get to hear about the different processes and everything that goes into creating a garment.”

“Great experience! Super insightful and useful / interesting to be able to see the factory and the machines.”

“Really interesting about the speed of the workers and good to see that their pay reflects this. Good to see examples of product for clearer understanding.”

“Very thorough – lots of detail and helpful tips.”

“I have learnt how I can be more efficient in my job to speed up the production process and also an in-depth breakdown of cost factors.” 

“Thank-you so much for this great and informative / insightful tour! I have never visited a factory before, this will surely help me understand more about fabrics and fits going forward.”

“Super informative and interesting. Great to hear about the social enterprise side of the business as I was unaware of this.”

“It has increased my knowledge and awareness in regards to supplier communication to be clearer to keep processes on time and steady.”