Two Groups from ASOS Attend Informative CPPD

On the 4th August the Fashion-Enter team welcomed two groups from online retailer ASOS for an informative CPPD and tour. Production Director Caroline Ash led the session providing information and a tour of our north London factory.

As the groups were from industry Caroline was able to go into detail in key areas such as sampling, costings, supplier and buyer negotiations, compliance and ethics. She also gave insight into future technologies such as Optitex, Kornit Digital printing and the Zund cutting machine and how new technology is paving the way in sustainability in fashion and textiles.

Caroline commented: “We had two CPPD sessions with ASOS this week, both were really productive sessions with insightful questions from each. The factory tour as usual, was a huge hit.”

Feedback from the attendees included:

“I found out about all of the processes involved, end-to-end production of a garment. Very informative and it helps me make sense of the whole process.”

“I learnt about the process of a production line, where costs can increase and how to be more sustainable. I really enjoyed the session.”

“I learnt about costings and negotiations with suppliers, factory processes and timelines. I think it would be really helpful for all junior members (BA’s) to attend this.”

“I think this would be a great trip to roll out to BAA’s as it provides a greater context to their job roles.”

“The seminar was amazing. Gained lots of new info and saw the garments being made from start to finish. Would recommend to my colleagues.”

“I found out how to keep costs down and to have more conversions with suppliers. Thank-you.”

“Really useful for BA’s to come on the CPPD to understand the complete process a little better.”

“I learnt how I can improve my margins by saving on cost through reducing consumption and gained a better understanding of what goes into the cost of a garment. Great session, thanks.”