TR Taster Course Success!

A further TR Pattern Cutting taster course with the ‘Queen of seams’ Claudette Joseph took place at the Fashion Technology Academy on 30th June.

In the three-hour session learners are taught how to create a beautiful spiral pleated effect on a half front bodice.

TR pattern cutting means Transformational Reconstruction, this is a form of origami pattern cutting which translates into immediate and intuitive 3D creations, in opposition to the more conventional way of drafting. The results are deliciously unexpected and totally exciting, with TR cutting you work directly onto the base shape and manipulate the style lines by building the shape and creating the look, this way you can see instantly how the piece will look. Working in conjunction with 2D pattern cutting you create a more couture form of interpretation.
Tamina attended and commented: ‘I have learnt A lot with a capital A! Claudette was amazing. She made the class really relaxing and easy to understand. Brilliant teacher!’
Donna hopes to replicate everything she has learnt into her own dressmaking at home..‘Thank you so much for an enjoyable session!’
Further feedback included:

‘I have learnt that it is possible to create an interesting and unique shape from fabric, amazing! Claudette is an excellent teacher!’ Clea

‘A great insight into TR pattern cutting and its potential. Brilliant!’ Di

‘Fantastic! I have learnt origami in 3D fabric and 3D designing!’ Elsa

‘Looking forward to the two-day master course now!’ Sarah

Dates for the next taster session will be announced shortly, and for those that have taken the taster course the next two day master course takes place 14th and 15th July!

Email to book your place