TR Pattern Master Course Stage 1

On Friday 23rd February, The Fashion Technology Academy held the first stage of the TR Pattern Master course .

The Master Course was taught by Claudette Joseph. Claudette has been teaching TR pattern cutting for many years and is a TR pattern super master, she also runs an annual TR Pattern Cutting workshop with the creator and founder of TR Pattern Cutting Shingo Shato in her Essex studio.

During this course students learnt how the technical side of the TR concept and they fabricated an origami shirt.

All in all, the first stages of the TR Pattern Master course were a great success! Students gained important knowledge about the essential functions of TR Pattern Cutting, and can now demonstrate all the practical ways to create their masterpiece.

Here is a comment a student made after the class;

“Speechless, Revolutionized, it’s just turned it all on its head for me! There is nothing I can’t do right now, I’m just looking at things saying yes I can do that” Chioma
If you are interested in joining the next course email, we have three hour taster sessions available plus two day master courses