Top Marks from the George at Asda Team

On 16th February 2022 we welcomed a large group of employees from George at Asda. The group included buyers along with advocates from design, merchandising, technical compliance and product development. Fashion-Enter’s Production Director, Caroline Ash hosted the CPPD which included a seminar about how Fashion-Enter operates, compliance and ethics along with a factory tour to fully explain each stage of the production process.

Feedback from this session was brilliant and was just shy of a full 10 out of 10 from every group member. Comments included:

“It was so interesting to see the factory floor and to understand costings and processes. Brilliant, I really enjoyed the session and it was so helpful to understand a factories process.”

“It was so exciting to see the sustainable printer. Such a great presentation and tour learnt so mush about the whole process.”

“Really great to learn about slave labour and looking after your staff.”

“Extremely informative, very in-depth without being confusing. Great to see the factory and machines working.”

“Excellent speaker, very informative and knowledgable. Explained every detail in-depth which lead the team to ask very few questions. Would definitely recommend for future training. Brilliant.”

“Amazing morning, perfect length of time to keep engaged. The speaker was really knowledgable and engaging. Would definitely recommend.”

“Great all rounded course. A must for professionals that are starting their careers in the fashion industry.”