This Week’s Factory Tour with International Students from NYC

Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash talks about the seminar and tour on the 23rd of August 2023. The tour was located at our FEL’s HQ in Haringey, students were able to experience, the factory, the Fashion Studio and the micro-factory complete with Kornit Digital printers and the Zund cutting machine.

Caroline: “We had 2 groups from Fordham University USA today. Their interest was based firmly around ESG. They were all MBA students studying a wide range of subjects, except fashion!We discussed how technology is improving the outlook on Sustainability and Ethics, with “Make to Demand” and “Micro Factories” becoming more popular and commonplace.Both seminars were extremely lively, with many really interesting questions and far reaching debates. The time seemed to go in a flash with them being very rewarding and interactive.”

“It was a really good seminar as it was so interactive with loads of questions being asked which then led us on to other areas. We spoke a lot about sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry and factory.” 

Feedback from the Fordham University NYC attendees included:

“Very engaging and informative!”

“Really enjoyed learning about sustainable practice in the fashion industry as it is a very important topic.”

“Caroline was an excellent speaker.”

“Great, interactive presentation, I learnt a lot”

“Really loved that the factory is ethical and your workers are paid and treated fairly.”