The Stitching Academy Level One Course

Stitching Academy student Sabrina Shafi tells us about her journey on the Stitching Academy Level 1 Course!

The Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) first opened its doors in November 2015. The fully equipped Academy was created as an extension of the previous successful Stitching Academy. At present the FTA includes a wide range of qualifications from Levels 1 to 4 that cover the entire ‘Garment Life Cycle’ including stitching, pattern cutting and production.

I attended the Stitching Academy Level 1 course where you are taught the fundamentals of using a variety of industrial sewing machines. You practice a range of sewing techniques and produce stitch samples, measuring, cutting and constructing a basic pattern. Alongside of all of these elements you are also taught to identify what is good quality and what is poor quality.

During the duration of the course we were assigned a range of tasks for each unit. In total there are three units consisting of Unit 1: Using Industrial Sewing Machinery, Unit 2: Industrial Sewing Operations and Unit 3: Inspection of finished Sewn Products.

In the first unit we were taught how to identify the main parts of a flatbed straight stitch machine and an over-locker. Alongside of this we were taught and assessed on our demonstration on how to thread an industrial sewing machine correctly, how to insert the bobbin, adjust the tension and were ultimately assessed on our production of a range of sewing tests and stitch samples for the tasks of which we had been assigned. Upon successful completion of unit one students would immediately move onto unit two where you learn how to operate an over-locker machine to join fabric, how to adjust the stitch tension appropriately to achieve your desired finish and also how to operate a lockstitch machine and produce a range of seams and hem samples.

The final unit involved learning about the inspection process when you are inspecting a finished sewn product. In being assessed for this particular unit we were required to demonstrate to our tutor how to inspect finished products correctly.

I believe that up and coming designers as well as established designers can really reap the benefits of this course, as it allows you to gain hands-on experience of the essential basics of machine sewing, using a professional industrial machine and how to correctly construct a garment. In doing so, you gain a wide range of sewing skills that you can then transfer and progress further in when designing future collections.

From participating in this course I have gained knowledge of fashion and textiles, particularly in the way a garment is constructed. I now have valuable hands-on experience in fashion production and have gained a well-rounded perspective of the entire garment life cycle.

By Sabrina Shafi

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