The Importance Of Skills Training In A Post- Brexit Workforce: EEF National Manufacturing Conference 2018

Today, on Tuesday 20th February 2018, CEO Jenny Holloway will be joining a panel of speakers including Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn at the EEF National Manufacturing Conference 2018 – ‘Global Britain: Change, Opportunity, and Growth’.

Projected as the most significant date of the year in the manufacturing diary, the one day’s event full agenda includes; discussions about industry challenges, opportunities, growth and tool up for the year ahead. However topics such as, Brexit and the future of British trade and business are the most sought after debates within the conference and as a result the conference was old out weeks ago.

Jenny, will be speaking in Workshop 2 of the daylong conference. ‘Support and sustain your post- Brexit workforce’ will be the topic covered during the workshop and will be chaired by Tim Thomas, Solicitor, Director of Employment and Skills Policy, EEF Ltd. Jenny will be reviewing the importance of technical skills which aligns perfectly with the opening of the FTA in 2015 with Haringey Council and ASOS. The investment for the FTA was £570,000 to provide real skills training from level 1 – level 5.

Jenny comments:

“With Brexit now around the corner in March 2019 we are facing a ticking time bomb with skills training. We need to herald the importance of skills training and the new proposed T levels, which are to have esteemed parity with A levels, must be implemented effectively and quickly.

Very much welcome EEF inviting us to speak at the conference today on how to ‘support and sustain your post-Brexit workforce’ however we now need to concentrate on action and implementation. That clock is ticking! “

Alongside Jenny, guest speakers such as; Jason Muller, Global Manufacturing Director, Lush and Cormac Watters, General Manager Europe and Executive Vice President, will be joining in the discussion in Workshop 2.