The Importance Of Pattern Cutting

Design and pattern-cutting go hand-in-hand and to be a true designer you need to understand the ins and outs of pattern cutting and understand of the three-dimensional form of the human body. It is not enough to just draw a pretty picture, you need to understand how fabric falls and cuts and which pieces fit together.

The world of fashion is filled with lots of inspiring designers who lack pattern-cutting skills and only have a sketch book and some ideas, their designs are probably good but good is not enough in this industry, you need to be great in order to achieve your desired goals and be on top of your game and one step ahead of competitors.

The most famous fashion houses are based on their perfect pattern cutting techniques. A pattern cutter is always needed to put together a designers creations but if you already have your own pattern cutting skills then you will be able to design and engineer your creation into a functioning pattern, without having to spend money on a pattern cutter which means that you will be saving a small fortune in the long run. So if you would like to be able to translate your beautiful designs into workable patterns then we have the perfect courses for you and there is still time to book your spot…