The FTA Welcomes Wheelchair Users

At the Fashion Technology Academy we aim to teach essential fashion production skills in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our short accredited courses in perfect pattern cutting offers hands-on skills and knowledge that learners can carry forward personally, and if they choose, professionally. Feedback from our learners is crucial to ensure we give an excellent, all-round learning experience. 

This week (14th April 2022) we heard from a new Perfect Patterns Level 1 student called Angela. She is enrolled on the full-time 5-week course at the Fashion Technology Academy in Haringey, London. Her tutor is Lan Leeder and we just had to share her heartfelt statement that she recently shared with her class.

“My name is Angela Bedward. I am so excited to be on this Perfect Pattern making course. As a wheelchair user, it’s been very difficult for me to get on to many of the sewing classes that I have applied to, mainly because I am unable to use my feet so I cannot use the industrial sewing machines or the exit is limited at the building of study. I met a key worker by the name of Caroline Modest who told me of this scheme, I was so overjoyed to think at my age of 57 this month (26th April) that I could pursue my passion in clothes making finally.  

“I have been disappointed so many times over 20-years of promises that never came true that I was nearly going to give up my ambition and goal within the fashion industry. 

“When I got the chance to finally have an interview with Ana, she reinsured me that she would do her best. She told me that her company cared and that everyone should have the opportunity to become a student if that was my desire. I felt relief hearing those words.  

“Two months later I have enrolled and I am now on a full-time course hoping to complete it with flying colours, and I wish to continue in this friendly environment.

“My tutors are so welcoming and assist me if I need them at any time and  I went home in tears. My children ask me, “Mummy what’s wrong?” I told them I was crying because I had the most wonderful day and I was just overjoyed with happiness. I can finally achieve my goal and become a tailor/pattern maker with the skills and techniques of the course.

“Thank-you so kindly for excepting me on the course.”