The Factory Uncovered – Accredited CPPD Courses

You can make ethical, affordable production in the UK! And FashionCapital’s sister company, Fashion Enter, can prove it with their Factory Uncovered seminars!

The Factory at Fashion Enter has nothing to hide and for all the doubting Thomas’s out there the company can demonstrate that quality fast track production is achievable. Fashion Enter has a leading status with the intrusive Fast Forward audit which the company fully supports.

Fashion Enter is also SMETA approved, come and learn:

  • What is cabbage and how can you spot it and stop it!
  • Review open costings – yes, you can make affordable high quality garments in London!
  • How to spot the runners!
  • Identify an ethical factory within ten minutes of walking through the door.
  • Take an observational test and spot a min 30 tips in identifying good working practices.
  • Lint?
  • PPE?
  • Galaxius?
  • Pucker buster!

So much can be explained within a live factory environment. And much more!

Fashion Enter have just started ‘Fit Uncovered’ seminars too. Bring in garments that have fit, sealing or grading issues and Fashion Enter’s team of pattern experts will demonstrate how to ensure your patterns are correct! Pinching a cm out does not work! All actions have consequences in the world of patterns!

Want to find out more about Factory Uncovered and Fashion Enter’s other factory CPPD‘s and seminars than contact