The ETI Gain Insight into How An Ethical Factory Works

On October 5th the Fashion-Enter Ltd team welcomed a group of individuals from ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) for a bespoke factory tour and seminar.

The Ethical Trading Initiative is a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the globe. The ETI’s vision is a world where all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equity.

Fashion-Enter’s Production Director, Caroline Ash, took the group around each stage of production from the Fashion Studio to the factory floor and discussed pertinent topics such as workers rights and labour exploitation, ethical compliance and why poor practices occur and how to spot them.

Caroline commented: “We had some amazing delegates in for factory tour and seminar today from the ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative). Their aim was to get a better understanding of how an ethical factory works. We covered a huge amount of topics and their questions and comments throughout were very interesting, it was also good for me to understand more about what the ETI do and how they work tirelessly to improve worker rights around the globe.”

Feedback from the group included: “Brilliant session. Thank-you for adapting your presentation to our needs, knowledge, questions and interest.”

“Superb range of information – valuable insights into numerous aspects I would not normally be exposed or have access to.”

“It was great to learn both in the classroom and on the factory floor. Caroline was an excellent trainer. Thank-you it was really brilliant, exceeded expectations.”

“I learnt about the reality and complexity behind relationships between retailers and factories / suppliers and the importance of continuity.” 

“I really enjoyed this seminar and learnt a lot. Thank-you so much.”

“This has been an informative and engaging session and will help the team be more knowledgable in conversation with members. Caro was so interesting as a speaker.”