Taiwanese Executives Take the Factory Tour

On the 7th September 2023, Fashion-Enter Ltd Director Caroline Ash welcomed an international group of executives all the way from Taiwan for a factory tour and seminar. The group were interested to learn about Fashion-Enter’s ethics and best practices as well as see how we are incorporating new technology to create a leaner and cleaner fashion business model.

Caroline commented: “I had a wonderful group of Taiwanese executives in today. The whole seminar had to be translated into Chinese which I was a bit worried about but it went beautifully. Loads of questions from the group who were keen to understand fashion manufacturing from our perspective, ESG and Technology. They were extremely enthusiastic and absolutely loved the seminar. It was very gratifying.”

The group were extremely happy with the tour and Caroline’s detailed but clear explanations, feedback included:

“10 out of 10. Great!”

“I learnt a lot – gained understanding and learnt about social enterprise. Also about fashion challenges and solutions for the future.”

“Great enthusiasm from the speaker.”