Success of Level 1 Stitching course in Wales

The first Level 1 stitching course is currently underway at Fashion-Enter Wales. It’s great to see our highly experienced machinists passing on their skills to a new generation. We hope this is just the start of an Academy in Newtown, the birthplace of the Laura Ashley and Pryce-Jones empires!

Learners commented:

Emily Evans: “I am really enjoying the sewing course at Fashion-Enter, it is very interesting to learn new and different things. It has been a great opportunity.”

Amelia Jackson: “Absolutely love it!”

Iona Hills: “It’s been great seeing how a factory is run, learning new skills to work in a factory.”

Kim Price: “I’m really enjoying the course here at Fashion-Enter. It’s teaching me skills I’ve always wanted to learn. As a mum to three little ones and married to a farmer my new skills are going to come in very useful at home!”

Radwan Almasri“I’m really enjoying the course. I receive the right information and steps for training. Excellent teaching team.”

The next stitching course is starting from the 28th February to 8th April. If you are interested to enrol, please contact