Students From the USA Take a Tour of the Factory

On the 17th October the Fashion-Enter Ltd team welcomed a group of international students, all the way from the USA, for a factory tour and seminar.

Colorado School of Mines is a public research university focused on science and engineering, where students and faculty together address the great challenges society faces today—particularly those related to the Earth, energy and the environment. Fashion-Enter’s Production Director, Caroline Ash, adapted the seminar to include topics relevant to their course. She showed the group how the industry is changing with technology to support made-on-demand and sustainable production. 

Caroline commented: “We had a fantastic seminar today with Mines University from Colorado, USA.They were Engineering students, so we slanted the seminar more towards Machinery, Lean production, Ethical standards, Standard Minute Value and the technical advancements in the fashion industry. They loved the factory tour and processes involved in garment production and they were surprised by the efficiency and speed of our machinists.”

Feedback from the group included:

“I learnt that sustainable can be key in fast fashion. Thank-you for an awesome tour.”

“I found out what makes an ethical factory and how to judge ‘ethicalness’. Amazing tour and workers.”

“Thank-you I really enjoyed learning about the design and construction process.”

“I learnt that ‘Fast Fashion’ is not an accurate term. A very well organised process. Awesome seminar, thank-you so much!”

“I found out about the process of more ethical and sustainable clothing.”

“The seminar informed me on how companies can manufacture in small quantities and be sustainable.”

“I learnt an incredible amount about sustainable fashion practices, technology development, the future of fashion and ethical optimisation of production! Thank-you very much, you were very engaging and kind.”

“I learnt how y’all’s design process works.”