Students from the US and UK Take FEL’s Insightful Seminar & Tour

This week, commencing 22nd April 2024, Fashion-Enter Ltd Director, Caroline Ash welcomed Business students all the way from Syracuse research University, New York, as well as tour regulars, Regents University London.

Caroline said: “This week I had a US Business Studies group in for their first Factory Uncovered seminar, which they loved. Most of them had never visited a factory before so it was a bit of an eye-opener. 

“We then had students from the lovely Regents University London return. They really enjoyed the seminar and loved the Styleverse Innovation Centre and the possibilities it offered.”

The sessions received lots of positive feedback, including…

 Syracuse research University:

“I learnt more about the importance of sustainability. I really enjoyed the experience!”

“I found out about the different machines used, length of the supply chain, software used for AI to see fabrics on people / avatars. I really enjoyed everything, very informative.”

“I learnt about supply chain problems and creative AI solutions. Great tour!”

“I have learned about the manufacturing and production process of different fashion items. I loved the AI room!”

“I thought the AI machines were really interesting. I didn’t know that it was that advanced, especially with being able to scan a sample of fabric and adding it into your system.”

“It was good to learn about the benefit of AI innovation for the fashion industry, its ease of use, and improved process compared to physical design.”

Regents University: 

“I learnt about buying, trends and distribution methods. Use of AI to create styles and patterns. Loved the visit, especially the AI part.”

“I found out about the urgency in sustainable practices for the fashion industry. The importance of AI and benefits on the production process in every aspect is key for the future.”