Students From Knightsbridge School Take the Factory Uncovered Tour

On Monday 14th November Fashion-Enter Ltd factory and FTA opened its doors to a group of students from Knightsbridge School. Based in Chelsea, London, Knightsbridge School spans Early Years Preparatory and Senior Years all under one roof. A co-ed independent the visiting group consisted of Year 11 students studying business.

Fashion-Enter Ltd Director Caroline Ash explained to the group how the industry operates and in particular the ethical business and lean business model that Fashion-Enter adheres to. She then showed the students how the factory works by explaining each stage of the garment life cycle with a guided tour.

Caroline said: “I had Year 11, Knightsbridge School business students, in today who were truly amazing, and a credit to their tutors. I was surprised at how astute and eloquent they were and how they related every question back to their studies. They loved seeing how a factory operates.”  

Feedback from the students included:

“I learnt how to organise and run a business in the fashion industry. The speaker was lovely, and I felt like I learnt a lot.”

“I found out a lot about the industry and info on how to start a business. Thank-you for answering my questions.”

“I had a wonderful time on the tour and learnt a lot from the session. I am inclined to the fashion industry and would love to apply for an apprenticeship here.”

“I learnt that the flow of making one dress is a massive system of many people working together. I learnt so much about fashion and business.”

“I learnt how fashion businesses, like this one manages it way of production and distribution.”

“I found out what it is like behind the scenes making fashion.”