Students From Beacon High Islington Tour the Factory

On Friday 27th May 2022 we welcomed a group of secondary school students from Beacon High Islington located in Tufnell Park in the neighbouring borough of Islington.

The group were given a seminar and tour of the factory by Production Director Caroline Ash, who explained each stage of the garment production process from initial design through to checked and packed product.

As Caroline took the group to each work station she talked about the various job roles in the factory and the skills required. The young students were amazed by stages of the garment making process and the variety of career paths available within the fashion sector.

Feedback included: 

“What I learnt from this seminar was that when it comes to making clothes it takes time and patience, and that if you fail it’s OK and to keep trying.”

“I found out from this visit what happens inside a factory.”

“I learnt how the clothing industry works.”

“I learnt about the production process and how garments are put together.”

“I found out about the whole process of production of clothes and the different roles in fashion.”