Stephanie Joins Us For Work Experience

Stephanie Monk is joining the team at FashionCapital for a week of work experience this week!

“Hello my name is Steph and this week I have been given the opportunity to take part in a weeks work experience here at FashionCapital  (26/06/2017-30/06/2017) and I am really excited to get an in-sight of what the fashion industry is like.

I am 16 years old and based in Surrey and I am inspired all things fashion, I have just finished High School and studied Textiles which has already given me experience with working on a sewing machine and dealing with different types of fabrics whether it would be cutting fabrics, making a garment or sketching one up. In my further education I hope to go to sixth form or an apprenticeship and study with the fashion work ethic.I have been too many fashion shows such as the clothes show in Birmingham which I thoroughly enjoyed and was so grateful that I met many designers there which was interesting as well.

Also, as well as taking an interest in fashion shows and designers I also take an interest in the fashion media and the different types of clothing people wear, particularly celebrities by following them on the social media and taking an interest of where they get there clothes from etc. So, for my short but hopefully influential time at FashionCapital I hope to gain a perspective of what the fashion industry is like and how it works within certain areas such as making the garments, the buyers and the running of a fashion industry and seeing how people feel about working in a fashion industry.

I am grateful for the chance to gain experience and I am very excited to see what the upcoming week is going to be like.”