Standard L4 Fashion & Textiles Product Technologist Workplace Observation

On Tuesday 5th April 2022 we conducted a workplace observation of our Level 4 Standard Fashion and Textiles Product Technologist apprentices at the Mountain Warehouse head office.

We made this visit to see each apprentice working with and alongside not only their line managers/mentors, but also their teammates and colleagues from different departments and we were very proud of what we saw.

Our apprentices demonstrated not only strong communication techniques across all levels and departments within the organisation, but also a maturity, humility and level of knowledge, skill, and professional behaviour that we expect of our L4 apprentices.

During these observations we witnessed our apprentices fitting garments, where they made notes, recorded comments, and offered relevant information to the senior garment technicians and buyers. We also witnessed our apprentices in weekly team meetings, discussing priorities and problem solving in collaboration with their colleagues.

Following these group observations, we joined each apprentice and their line manager for a one to one at their workstation, where the apprentice provided an overview on their daily and weekly roles and responsibilities; from the many trackers they update, the communication with external suppliers they maintain and the projects they have been given to manage.

These areas are all essential elements to their apprenticeship, whereby the apprentice is given the responsibility to lead on an area with the guidance of their line managers/mentor, which in turn enables the apprentice to develop their confidence, assertiveness and the ability to manage expectation.

We were also very impressed, but the positive working relationships built between our apprentices and their line managers, all of which who clearly nurture, support and develop their apprentices day to day and provide an environment which is enriched with professional growth, humour and the space to develop and thrive.

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