Staffordshire Uni Students Gain Factory Insight

We had a large group of business students from Staffordshire University take the Factory Uncovered tour and seminar with Caroline Ash, week commencing 12th June 2023.

Although the group were unfamiliar with the fashion industry they were keen to learn how the the business operated and the various stages of production. 

Caroline said: “We had Staffordshire University visit us this week. They loved the experience of visiting a live factory and seeing all the processes involved in garment design through to production. We also discussed the new technology that allows us to be more sustainable and improve speed to market.”

The students commented:

“Excellent, Caroline is enthusiastic and passionate about what Fashion-Enter does. Rich insights and shared experiences of various manufacturing stages.”

“This seminar was really helpful for me. I got to know about diverse things, such as how the fashion industry works, the maintenance of quality and how the work is balance and divided over different sections.”

“I learnt a huge amount of information about clothes from start to finish and all aspects of quality and production.”

“I really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun to watch live production and the speaker did a great job.”

“Very impressive, neat, clean and smoothly run factory.”

“I learnt a lot of information on the micro factory system.”