Review of Prevent Policy February 2023

Within the educational sector Prevent is a vital part of learner and staff safeguarding and wellbeing. With each induction Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) holds for each cohort of learners a Prevent presentation.
Prevent is part of the safeguarding measures that any learning establishment undertakes. It is a way of alerting teachers to the possibilities of nonviolent extremism. Warning signs are learners withdrawing from social circles, or abnormal behaviour, or changes in vocabulary that are used with any form of extremism.
Prevent duty requires all education providers to be mindful and have due regard to the safeguarding of other learners, technicians, tutors and all staff. FEL has their own policies and strategies to ensure that people are not being drawn into terrorism.
FEL’s workbooks have summary information within the different subject curriculums to ensure that the areas of mindfulness, equality, diversity, inclusion, safeguarding and Prevent are all deeply embedded into the learning undertaken.
There are four main themes to Prevent:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Working in Partnership
  • Staff training
  • IT policies
FEL works in partnership with Islington, Haringey and Leicester councils and within each council there is a dedicated Prevent officer.
Within Prevent there is Channel which is a multi-agency approach to identify and provide support to vulnerable adults or children who are at risk of being drawn into terrorist related activity.  There is a Channel Panel which is chaired by local authorities that provide information and guidance to collectively assess the risk to an individual and they decide whether to intervene if necessary with tailored support packages.
The slides below are from the Prevent training undertaken by FEL.