Redmond Community Centre – ‘Mothers Into Work’ And ‘Quilty Pleasures’

In week beginning 18th June Fashion Enter visited Redmond Community Centre, a local charitable social enterprise who deliver and help other organisations to deliver community services which are value for money and create lasting benefits.

Esme met the women from Mothers into Work and The Woodberry Down Quilty Pleasures clubs. Mothers into Work is run by Fatou Gassama from Holistic Support, who delivers courses to empower women and has a track record of helping them set up their own businesses or onto employment.

Quilty Pleasures offers free weekly quilting lessons where attendees are encouraged and taught how to express themselves, their stories and connect with others through the art of quilting. The sessions were started by a special guest facilitator, Charlotte Newland who won last year’s BBC 2’s “Great British Sewing Bee”.

The course tutor Didi was thrilled when Esme mentioned our Perfect Patterns level 1 and 2 courses and advised to liaise with Lucy Whitford, the arts and crafts administrator from the Manor House Development Trust, so that she could distribute the selection of courses Fashion Enter offers within her network.

Esme had the pleasure of seeing a former Stitching Academy learner amongst the group, Ruth, who is very much looking forward to start her Stitching level 2 class ion 3rd September 2018!

Overall, both groups were absolutely fantastic and could readily see the importance of working on technical skills with the courses run by Fashion Enter and their Fashion Technology Academy. We look forward to meet those who completed our Expression of interest form to come and see our facilities and live factory environment!

The main courses are:

Perfect Patterns level 1 and 2: The level 1 course does not require previous experience. Within five weeks you will learn the fundamentals of pattern making: how to draft blocks and use them to create your patterns. You will practice taking standard and personal measurements and apply them to your patterns effectively. We will teach you using a range of methods and techniques including the unique Telestia system. The level 2 course will allow you to build on the knowledge from the level 1 and produce a range of valuable, in demand and technical pattern drafting and cutting skills within a ten week period. There are four units learners will be working towards and a writing assignment element also.

STITCHING Academy Level 1 and 2 – The level 1 Stitching course does not require previous experience. Within six weeks, you will learn how to make garments using an industrial sewing machines and how to operate them safely. The level 2 Stitching course will allow them to build on the knowledge from the level 2 and produce a more complex garment within a twelve week period. There are five units learners will be working towards and a writing assignment element also.
Progression opportunities from our level 2 courses would be joining a level 3 apprenticeship programme which is 18 months long and equivalent of two A levels. You would be required to work four days a week with an employer and one day train with us towards the qualification.

The FTA was set up by a grant from Haringey Council and a soft loan from and in line with recent CBI reports issued in July 2018 there is real optimism and confidence in the world of manufacturing today. 47% of manufacturers interviewed confirmed that their orders were up on the year compared to just 17% who said their orders were down.

The FTA opens their doors to all local providers and social interest groups that want to upskill their attendees. Haringey is undertaking a major transformation and Fashion Enter is proud to be part of the regeneration of Haringey Council.