Ralph & Russo Shortlist Their Candidates

Yesterday, 18th September, design house Ralph & Russo came along to the Factory to interview the final 20 candidates selected for the apprenticeship opportunities at the haute couture atelier.

It was a fantastic session with all 20 candidates clearly excited and inspired to join the team. Ralph & Russo are looking for their first ever six apprentices who will take on the roles as garment technologists, RTW pattern cutter, HC pattern cutter and couturier.

The session began with an introduction and overview with CEO Jenny Holloway who then engaged the group with an icebreaker – which encouraged the candidates to learn more about each other. This also gave Ralph & Russo an opportunity to witness their interaction and communication skills.

Emma from Ralph & Russo then gave a wonderfully inspiring presentation on who they are, what their values are, what they are looking for in an apprentice and importantly the reality of the role and what it is really like to work at Ralph & Russo. It was then time for the one-to-one interviews where each candidate had the opportunity to talk through their portfolios and impress the team.

We are delighted that overall Ralph & Russo were impressed with the calibre and can see real potential in certain individuals. 12 will now be selected to attend a trial day at the atelier to see how they react in the environment and whether they are really up to the job!

Watch this space to meet the final six!

A few comments following the interviews included:

‘After today I have realised how much I want to work for Ralph & Russo. I didn’t realise how much of a team they are. Very, very exciting!’ Kiki

‘I have learnt about the amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity at Ralph & Russo! Great speakers all round, always great to hear the exciting opportunities and Jenny’s enthusiasm, always inspiring!’ Aimee

‘I have learnt about Ralph & Russo values and some key moments in their developments, we also learnt about the apprenticeship process, training involved and what makes an ethical factory. Thank-you very much for this amazing opportunity!’ Afsha

‘I very much liked the friendly and relaxed approach, and the helpful nature of everyone – it made me feel a bit less nervous!’ Emma