Quality Licence Scheme Re – Approved for FEL

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is pleased to announce that following a successful Quality Licence Scheme Virtual Audit, the FEL QLS License has been re-approved.

Dave Allan, QLS Auditor, stated in his report dated November 2022, that…

‘Since the last QLS audit Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) has retained its leading status in the ethical Fast Forward Audit and remains the only Factory in the UK that has this outstanding benchmark in compliance. This is why QLS is so important to FEL. 

‘It has been hard to gather momentum for onsite visits at FEL for QLS Courses, due to Covid but there has been a definite return of interest for 2023 for the current training programs run. FEL expects demand to increase for QLS from March 2023. FEL is also networking to banks for the first time and a host of other organisations similar to HMPS such as TSA and Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority. 

‘A meeting was held between the Auditor, CEO, Deputy CEO and subsequent provision of evidence of all Delivery and QA systems, policies and processes being well maintained and regularly reviewed, and improvements made to the support given to Learners, clearly demonstrated that the criteria of the QLS Standard continues to be met. am therefore happy to Recommend FEL’s continued Approval against the QLS Standard. 

Additionally the report said:

‘The CEO continues to be responsible for reviewing and planning quality assurance activities supported now by a Deputy CEO with extensive sector knowledge. The organisation structure identifies relevant people, roles and responsibilities. 

‘Robust policies and procedures remain in place and a Delivery Policy describes the approach to work-based learning, however, it is recommended that the Quality Statement/Policy makes more specific mention to the Delivery and QA approach to QLS Courses.’

This is excellent news for FEL, the FTA’s skills and education offering.