Quality Guideline Handbooks For Fashion Production

As a brand you really need to know every detail behind your garments so that’s why we have created a set of handbooks for you to use.

We have honed into the exact detail of formal and casual trousers, dresses and blouses, how to measure and also how to conduct a visual quality control review of your garments within a factory. These handbooks provide an excellent way of also communicating with your factory so they understand your exact requirements too. Always eliminate the risk of sampling and production going wrong and be one step ahead.

The handbooks recently launched and are already receiving excellent feedback from start-up brands and designers, each costs £15 plus VAT tap the links below to find out more about the contents and to purchase:

Formal & Casual Bottoms – Quality Guidelines

Woven Tops & Dresses – Quality Guidelines

Womenswear Length Standardisation – Quality Guidelines