Quality Assurance at the FTA 

The Fashion Technology Academy (FEL) aims to be the UK’s leading provider in fashion skills particularly centring on stitching, patterns and other production skills such as cutting.

With the emergence of Made in UK, advantages include: reduction in carbon footprint, close contact with the manufacturer avoiding, costly mistakes, less shipping, speedy response on bestsellers, repeats in small quantities, maintaining employment and skills in the UK and much more. It makes sense to equip individuals with the skills that the industry needs.

To ensure FEL delivers excellent quality there are rigorous processes in place so deep assessment of learning occurs throughout the provision which includes:

+ Core policies for quality stand outside of the FTA provision and thus ensure an independent team are responsible for quality assurance.

+ Teachers mark the work continuously ensuring that progression of the learner is easily identified.

+ Trackers are submitted every Monday ensuring that progress is timely and to plans.

+ Assessors read all portfolios and all paperwork even checking every single learners number of hours on the program.

+ Assessors are trained to pinpoint differentiated learning and to stretch and challenge learners at every point possible.

+ Having the Matrix accreditation means that support for the learner is extended way beyond the curriculum – industry best practices are reviewed whatever the course and the level.

+ Then there is the IQA process – the infamous green pen who drives standards to excellence.

The statement below from learner E really says it all!

I am glad to hear that my folders are making progress! 

‘I truly appreciate the IQA’s attentiveness, as it certainly proves the integrity of her leadership role at the FTA. I tried to pin-point my thoughts below but I am not too sure, whether the FTA operates as a CMT or FF factory and if/to what extent some ideas might have already been implemented into their current sustainability goals.

However, thank you again for taking a student’s comment so serious and the best of luck for the whole FTA team! I am sure you will be rewarded in your continuous effort to improve the “status-quo”.’

All feedback is reviewed and taken on board, the FTA education team go far beyond the curriculum when teaching and in particular we aim for each learner to be industry ready with new software, processes, GLAA, AGM PPP – we cover everything.

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