Putting Theory into Real Time Practice – Sustainable UK Garment Making

Recently Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) undertook an Ofsted inspection on behalf of their contractor CCCG. This is the third inspection by Ofsted within a relatively short period of time but they were warmly welcomed and it was a pleasure to work an Ofsted inspector who was so well informed about fashion and today’s changing macro and micro-environment.
Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram commented: “I have not been involved in an Ofsted inspection before but I was impressed with how thorough the inspector was and how they undertake a deep dive into our learning pedagogy. We do pride ourselves on expanding the learners journey so it represents the true industry variables of today and we also take into consideration the Gen Z learner of which nearly 60% want to work for themselves in a hybrid form – working from home v studio creator space.
“The idea of taking the two cohorts of 15 learners on a change management review was for them to see how reality is combined with theory. Sonia has over 30-years of experience in garment making, fit, construction and quality assurance so having this review was so well received. The participants loved the expereince. Within our SAR and QIP we review how the intent, implementation and impact are measured.
“The resulting feedback very much reflect the success of this new initiative and this is now an improvement that will be reviewed in our QIP going forward. A big thank-you to Sonia for her help.” 
Feedback from the learners included:
“I learnt so much and give the session 10 out of 10.”

“I learnt more about Fashion-Enter as a company / college and what actually goes on in a factory.”


“I have learnt so much about what happens within production in a factory by actually seeing it in person. I wish I had heard about the courses sooner, they are very good courses.”