Pupils From Forest School Learn About Fashion Careers and the Future of the Industry

On 29th September, the FEL team welcomed secondary school pupils from Forest School in Walthamstow for a Factory Tour and Seminar.

Their main focus was careers so FEL Director, Caroline Ash covered the wide range of roles within the fashion industry. Caroline has been in the industry for over 30-years was amazed when she researched and prepared for this seminar, at the amount of varied roles the industry offers.

Caroline said: “The group absolutely loved the factory tour and are they were the first to see Style3D in action. They were blown away by its capabilities. It is a complete game changer. 

We also had a really good Q&A session and covered ESG, Green Washing, SMV’s and costings.”



Feedback from the pupils included:

“I learnt how all the machines work. I loved it!”

“I found out how different garments are priced. Amazing tour.”

“I learnt how AI can work in the fashion industry. I found it very interesting.”

“I got to know about the fashion industry and potential jobs. Thank-you!”

“I learnt about the different jobs involved with the fashion industry. The speaker was very nice and it was interesting.”

“I have been introduced in the world of fashion.”

“I found out all about the fashion industry and the different parts of it, including the different jobs you can get. As well as AI fashion.”