Profitable Pricing: Strategies for Accurate Costing and Pricing in the Fashion Industry Masterclass

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) founder, Jenny Holloway, provided her expert advice for a Zoom masterclass on Profitable Pricing: Strategies for Accurate Costing and Pricing in the Fashion Industry, for 1-hour on 10th January.

From materials, labour, shipping and sales, to brand target market, there are many elements to consider when pricing your garment. Jenny discussed all this and more in FEL’s free masterclass series, these monthly sessions really take a deep dive into the business of fashion and provide excellent support and advice.

Open to all, attendees included a mix of individuals at home as well as FTA students based in Islington and Haringey. FEL masterclasses combine seminar discussion with a PowerPoint presentation and are always led by individuals that have decades of industry experience.

Attendees were invited to discuss their projects and ask questions throughout the session, these ranged from recommended unit quantities to working with the micro factory and the on demand printing service. Feedback at the end of the session was fantastic, with many saying how helpful and informative the masterclass had been and how Jenny had explained everything clearly.  

Feedback included:

“10 out of 10, I have a great understanding of costing, deliveries and protecting yourself as a business.”

“I learnt about the factory and how to get a brand started. Also how to lower costs and about profit.”

“I learned a lot about costing, contacting factories and mass production.”

“I gained greater detail about practically and profitability when producing garments in higher volume.”

“I found out how to save costs when making garments and how to protect yourself with boundaries and guidelines. Maybe ask people to write questions down and answer all of them at the end.”

“As well as costing a garment, reducing costs and hidden costs I learnt about make to demand and new technologies that are available.”

“Learnt a lot of information that I needed to know. Thanks.”

“Thank-you for all the key information and contacts for us fashion babies, every bit of info counts. Keep up the good work.”

Our next free masterclass will take place Wednesday 31st January and will cover the topic: Financial Foundations: Navigating the First Steps of Finance for Micro Businesses tap to find out more and join and a link will be emailed to you closer to the date.