Production Client: Designer Michaela Jedinak

‘For those who live in dresses, Michaela’s concept is a Eureka moment’. – Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor of the Daily Telegraph.

The Fashion Studio division of Fashion Enter was originally established a whole decade ago, is where first patterns, toiling, seals, grades are created along with short-run production from 1 unit to 300 units. Larger orders are transferred to the Factory. The studio additionally plays home as the service that a wide range of clients use, from industry influencers such as Peter Pilotto and Sophia Webster to emerging designers including Beanie & Bear and Michaela Jedinak.

Drawing attention to the latter, The Fashion Studio is proud to be working with upcoming fashion designer and style entrepreneur, Michaela Jedinak, who is also a personal stylist. Having launched her label in 2013, she quickly adopted the ethos to design dresses whilst considering you and your body shape, offering a selection of aesthetics and cuts to complement and enhance every female form. Michaela’s service is in line with personal tailoring that thankfully eliminates the off-putting price tag that usually accompanies.

Her immaculate tailoring dexterities ensure figure-flattering dresses that arrive in a creative cohort of styles, rendered in beautiful Italian fabrications that are recognised for their comfort and fit. Michaela’s practical albeit chic and classic designs are frequently imbued with powerful colours that are intended to empower women to dress in a way that radiates a look and feel good quality.

Believing that everyone is unique and should, therefore, build on their own distinctive DNA as opposed to being a bad copy of someone else is a strong philosophy the emerging designer goes by. Not being one to follow every single fashion trend, Michaela instead adopts a strategy and an understanding of a woman’s colouring and body shape – elements that transport her into a different design league.

Michaela Jedinak’s catalogue of working experiences has transported her all over the world, where she has engaged in a variety of positions within the fashion, media and design industries that have taken her to London, New York, Milan Prague and beyond. Further adding to her impressive repertoire, she is a great supporter of banishing fur in fashion, pioneering a sustainable and cruelty-free message amid her modern classic dresses that are made to measure and ooze a little Made in Britain luxury.

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By Kate Farley