Pep&Co Junior Buying Assistants attend the Factory Uncovered Workshop

On 4th December a team of junior buying admins and buying assistants from Pep&Co attended the Factory Uncovered virtual workshop.

Usually held on site in the Factory, the in depth Factory Uncovered workshop is an opportunity to train junior team members in how to communicate with a manufacturer and what make a factory fully compliant and ethical.

The three hour session hosted by CEO Jenny Holloway and Production Director Caroline Ash explained how a UK factory can be competitive, the complete garment cycle and key machine operations, how to stop cabbage and much more.

The session also included a live tour of the Factory floor where Caroline covered topics such as:

How do factories calculate standard minutes?

How to incorporate performance related pay for machinists

Relating standard minutes to styles and machines

How are AQLs and in work checks really conducted in a Factory Environment?

Why do retailers PO’s have a specific number per size yet factories over deliver on certain sizes?

Single cutting per sizes do not work – Fact. Why?

Ratios - cutting implications and cost savings for factories that should be passed on to buyers

Why are deliveries late when fabric is on time?

The session ended with a demonstration of 3D design tool Optitex with Senior Pattern Cutter Claire Solley.

Feedback included:

Sophie, Junior Kids West Technologist

“I have gained a lot of transferable information that can help me grow with in my area

Libby, Buyers Admin Assistant

“This was a really interesting and valuable experience, it was good to be able to see first-hand what it’s like in a factory and to be able to speak to the presenters and ask them our questions. It was interesting to hear their take on where they think fashion is moving to and also how they are contributing to the sustainable aspect of the industry

To book the Factory Uncovered workshop please email jenni@fashion-enter.com