Onsite Informative Learning for Students Taking: Edexel A-Level Business Studies Based on “Fashion”

Edexel A-Level Business Studies students – Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) can provide the ideal resource and insightful learning experience with our Ethical Tour and Seminar.

FEL is already hosting a large amount of Business Studies Students and has created a new seminar based around the course/exam criteria.

Who are we? FEL is an award-winning social enterprise that understands the need for total transparency within its entire business model. As the only factory in the UK with a leading status in the Ethical “Fast Forward” audit, and also “SMETA” audit , we operate an open door policy for visitors to gain industry insight and understanding.

The FEL factory is twinned with the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) so that learning and best working practices are integrated and students can experience the entire apparel manufacturing process from design to dispatch.

Over the last 18-years FEL has given students from industry, Higher Education, Further Education and Secondary Schools, unique and invaluable insight into the world of fashion, garment production, business models, sustainability, ethics and innovation. At FEL we are in a unique position to provide live factory tours twinned with seminars to ensure embedded learning takes place.

Since January 2023 we have had 1,625 individuals walk through our factory doors to learn all about ethical, Made in the UK, fashion business and production.The success of our onsite tours and seminars has been phenomenal and we are able to tailor these sessions to align with course topics, including core modules in GCSE, GCE, Diploma and Degree courses across Fashion and Business.

At the FEL Tour and Seminar we are able to inform and demonstrate the entire garment life cycle, business practices, compliance and more.

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We repeatedly get excellent feedback from our seminars:

“Caroline Ash’s passion, for not only the industry but sustainability and ethics, was clear to see. This was the best talk I have had from a business leader which is directly linked to their studies. As a firm advocate for the circular economy, it was amazing for the learners to hear her knowledge which related directly to A-Level Business Studies. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone who is looking for an educational visit.” – Tutor, Ysgol Bryn Elian school

“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the captivating and insightful presentation you delivered on the clothing industry. You made the subject matter come alive and we are truly grateful for the time and effort you dedicated to sharing your expertise.”  – Tutor, Kensington Park School

For more information, please contact: caroline@fashion-enter.com